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Does this sound familiar to you?

• Are you looking for light in the darkness?​
• Are you losing track how to stay focused on your career whilst also focusing on your divorce? ​
• Are you pulled in different directions what best serves the needs of your children?
• Are you feeling guilty what could have been done differently?​
• Are you neglecting your own needs and desires?​
• Are you procrastinating important decisions?​
• Would you like a trusted thinking partner with whom you can speak openly
and grieve without being judged?​

If you said “Yes” to even one of those questions, I know I can help you create a better, more joyful and happier life wherever your are on your divorce journey!

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How I Can Help

Private Coaching

What would be possible if you used your divorce experience as a catalyst to create better results at work and in your private life?

This coaching helps CEOs and other Executives manage the demanding job while also getting clarity on how to get a better life on the other side of divorce.

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Group Coaching

Are you ready to leave your comfort zone, break free from your bad relationship and create your most amazing life?

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Speaking and Workshop

Camilla Calberg is a key-note speaker on all topics relating to creating a better, more joyful and happier life wherever you are in the divorce journey.

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About Camilla Calberg

Camilla Calberg is an experienced Transformational Coach. She has also worked as an experienced Corporate Advisor having working for BP, Shell, and IBM; leading large scale transformation projects, helping these companies to build market platforms and their employees to embrace new working processes.

Since 2016, Camilla has been an independent advisor to the pharmaceutical industry through Calberg Consulting, taking on communication and interim leadership positions and advising on leadership best practices. In all these roles she has delivered and achieved major change.

Having discovered that divorce is the second highest stressor a human being can experience, Camilla then devoted her life to being a full-time Coach. From 2020, she has been helping Executives navigate their turmoil that is associated with divorce, that can threaten and disrupt their processional existence. Teaching her clients, what she herself has enforced successfully.


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