I Help Business Leaders Thrive Before, During And After Divorce

Divorce is a life transitional experience that typically overwhelms business leaders. The situation affects you emotionally, psychically and mentally and requires you to redefine your self-image and that of what a family is. Your dream who to spend the rest of your life with is broken. You lose your social network. Friends and family take side. Your financial security is challenged. Those you trusted no longer support you.

The situation can seem chaotic and emotionally overwhelmed affecting your ability to deliver at work.

Yet it doesn’t have to be like that.

Your divorce can be a positive life transformation where new possibilities emerge and life becomes so much better and greater.

You choose your experience and by learning how to shift and control your mindset, you will soon allow in more joy, happiness and freedom into your life.

Though personal coaching, practical tools and customised strategies, Calberg Coaching guides Business Leaders how thrive in their high-conflict divorce case and how to create a better life. This we call “Your Divorce Blueprint”.

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My Journey

I learned the hard way that divorce is all too common yet every single story is unique.

Each story is personal and painful.

It is a lonely journey as you witness your family safety net fall away and you are affected financially, mentally, emotionally, professionally and socially. Family members, friends and colleagues are opinionated and tend to tell you what you should and should not be doing which at times will make you feel even more unhappy, frustrated, or angry.

In 2020 I filed for divorce after living in a psychologically violent relationship for too many years.

I witnessed the consequences of putting it off for so long by looking in the mirror and witnessing the deterioration of my wellbeing and through seeing changes in my daughter.

One day I chose to no longer accept it.

When I filed for divorce, I was emotionally ready to face my deepest fear: how would my partner react?

My saving grace and pathway to navigating my way through this extremely challenging time, while still upholding my professional obligations and motherly duties was my conscious choice to work with a coach.

I needed someone on my side, backing me up, who wanted to listen to me and help me work through my thoughts, feelings and emotions.

My coach became my thinking partner from the moment I decided I wanted a divorce through to the moment I started to visualise a new way of living and parenting. Because of this, I was able to stay strong for myself and my daughter, build up my business and go through my family break up, all at the same time.

Here are some of the highlights I learned through coaching that immensely improved the quality of my life and that of my daughter.

  • I acknowledged that my intimate relationship affected the quality of my life and that of my daughter.
  • I realised that the anger inside me was my default survival mechanism rather than a conscious choice of how I wanted to show up in a stressful situation.
  • I allowed myself to dream about how my life could be when not living in fear.

After yet another stressful situation brought me to tears, I decided it was time for a change. I would no longer accept being treated that way.

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