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From Toxic Relationship to Coaching Through Divorce

Interview was done February 3, 2022!

I love meeting new people willing to let me in and share their “lemon to lemonade” experience!

This story is about Camilla and her toxic marriage that she was able to get out of but now helps other women navigate the steps of divorce. She teaches that when you heal it’s like a pebble in the water that has the ripple effect so that the people in your circle will heal as well. What message do you get from this interview?

How to Survive and thrive a High Conflict Divorce

When the teacher at the school called Camilla Calberg to report her daughter’s increasing emotional issues at school, she knew what the problem was. Her verbally abusive partner’s angry outbursts had left her daughter in an emotional mess. And Camilla could feel it too.

In today’s episode of the Modern Divorce Podcast, Billie Tarascio talks with Copenhagen-based Camilla, who has since become a divorce coach helping people through the same messes she endured. She talks about how to plan your exit, how to manage the fallout and why putting a team of supporters together is the best way to survive and thrive.

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