Camilla Calberg

Camilla Calberg is an experienced Transformational Coach. She has also worked as an experienced Corporate Advisor having working for BP, Shell, and IBM; leading large scale transformation projects, helping these companies to build market platforms and their employees to embrace new working processes.

Since 2016, Camilla has been an independent advisor to the pharmaceutical industry through Calberg Consulting, taking on communication and interim leadership positions and advising on leadership best practices. In all these roles she has delivered and achieved major change.

Having discovered that divorce is the second highest stressor a human being can experience, Camilla then devoted her life to being a full-time Coach. From 2020, she has been helping Business Leaders navigate their turmoil that is associated with divorce, that can threaten and disrupt their processional existence. Teaching her clients, what she herself has enforced successfully.

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“When I needed a shoulder to cry on, and someone to hold me, Camilla was there. People forget that when you have a toxic partner, they cut all of your ties with friends. Having Camilla be there for me and support me on my journey to freedom was so important, and I don’t think I could have done it without her. There was no judgement, and for the first time in a long time I felt I could be honest, in the process realizing I really could leave. Now I’ve left him my kids and I are happier than ever!”

“Camilla helped me prioritize where to focus first, and together we created an actionable plan with her help, I was able to break free, find my own flat and set a new mindset where negative comments roll of my back instead of affecting my mental health the way they once had. The techniques I’ve learned are amazing and have truly changed my life forever. Thank you, Camilla!”

“In the beginning, it was really hard to find the time to call as he was always around asking what I was doing and demanding I put the loudspeaker on. But I am so glad I made the time to speak to you! I used to feel trapped by my abusive partner, he was constantly ruining my life – and even changing the locks to our house! The whole relationship was traumatic, but now I know I will be okay. Camilla, you have changed my life in ways words cannot explain, thank you.”


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